Brighten Youth Education Centre



Overseas Education

The extensive experience amassed by our international tutors and educational consultants allows us to offer tailor-made advice and academic options for those considering overseas study. We focus on three destinations; the UK, the US and Canada, utilizing our extensive overseas networks to match students with the educational environment that will suit them best. We offer guidance and placement at primary, secondary and university level, advising students about the pros and cons of various institutions, as well as helping them to prepare their application forms and providing tutorial support when required.


Study Tours

Brighten provides a select range of overseas study tours that take students from Hong Kong and to the UK and US. We aim to produce educational, recreational, social and cultural experiences filled with happy memories, where young people are able to foster friendships and global networks they will be able to carry into their future professional lives. Our caring and professional staff is recruited for their flair when working with young people, as well as their related professional qualifications. For us, welfare and pastoral care is always a priority.


Students on our study tours are able to engage in a wide range of excursions, lessons and social activities, so every moment of the day is structured and filled with an appropriate variation of stimulating activities where the emphasis is on fun as well as learning. Each day also includes a varied and popular range of evening entertainment. This helps us to create a truly memorable program for all involved.