Brighten Youth Education Centre



Overseas Education

The extensive experience amassed by our international tutors and educational consultants allows us to offer tailor-made advice and academic options for those considering overseas study. We focus on three destinations; the UK, the US and Canada, utilizing our extensive overseas networks to match students with the educational environment that will suit them best. We offer guidance and placement at primary, secondary and university level, advising students about the pros and cons of various institutions, as well as helping them to prepare their application forms and providing tutorial support when required.


Study in the UK

Whether you want to gain a placement at a UK boarding school, find the right university for you, get help with your UCAS form and personal statement, prepare for an interview and admissions test, or simply brush up your core skills before you embark on international study, Brighten’s consultants are here to help. So if you want to go to private school with the view to doing a degree course at a British University, if you’re not sure if your child would suit a same-sex or mixed boarding school, if you would like to gain admittance to a particular institution or if you have any other related queries or issues, let our expert staff guide both you and your child.


Study in the US

There are many exciting educational opportunities in the US for tertiary education. Brighten’s consultants will coach students, helping them to recognize, develop and utilize their personal qualities, offer guidance in articulately portraying their credentials and achievements, familiarize students with the application process and offer various other related services. Brighten also helps students explore financial and scholarship options in order to help mediate the cost of overseas education and create a valuable addition to a student’s resume. 


Study in Canada

Aside from preparing students for study in Canada at tertiary level in the usual way, for example with applications, mock interviews, tutorial support or entrance examinations, students can also amass future course credits with Brighten through government recognized online high school. Not only can students learn from home and work at their own pace, they are continually supported by Brighten’s experienced tutors. Such an approach assists students in gaining a place at the university or college they want, as well as getting a head start on their chosen course before they even arrive in Canada.