Brighten Youth Education Centre



Education Consultancy in the UK


At Brighten, we understand the importance of achieving a good match, particularly in an academic environment. We currently help both students and their parents who are considering education in the UK at primary, secondary and university level, to choose from the options available to them and make the most of their abilities and skills in order to help ensure admission to their chosen institution. We offer guidance at every step of the journey, from considering the benefits and drawbacks of various educational establishments, to preparing an application form, to interview skills, to tutorial support before a student commences their time overseas. We believe that such individual guidance and support is vital when helping students reach their full potential.


There is no minimum score for the test but grading runs from Band 1 (non-user) to Band 9 (expert user). Different band scores are required by different institutions and for different purposes. Institutions are advised not to consider a score that is more than two years old unless the candidate has substantial proof that they have worked hard to maintain their level. For this reason, test scores are normally only considered valid for two years.


Primary and Secondary School Placement

Brighten works alongside recommended partners to represent over 30 independent (private) schools (some girls only, some boys only, some mixed, some highly academic, others less so, some big, some small) and place children from overseas in such schools as full time boarders normally with a view to going on to a degree course in an English university. We also offer links to a range of government run schools with a minimum commitment of two terms. The cost is roughly half that of private schools and students live with carefully selected host families near to the school they attend.


Gaining a University Place

Our experienced educational consultants have studied and worked in the UK for over 10 years and as such, are well placed to offer the best advice to students and their parents. Our approach is always tailor-made to suit individual needs and we offer an exceptional understanding of the requirements, benefits and drawbacks of different universities and courses. Some of the topics and issues explored when preparing students for overseas study include:

  • Choosing the best course for future employability

  • Choosing the right university for academic excellence and quality of life

  • Devising a sound UCAS strategy

  • Writing a winning personal statement

  • Effective interview preparation

  • Attaining the grades needed for your course

  • The clearing process

  • Foundation courses and IELTS requirements

  • The main differences between Hong Kong and British academic cultures

  • The importance of critical thinking skills in UK university courses

  • Understanding university research: focus on literature review

  • University essay-writing techniques

  • Managing your studies: deadlines, university emails, and avoiding plagiarism

  • Essay-writing techniques

  • Dissertation planning research and writing