Brighten Youth Education Centre



Education Consultancy in the US


Brighten provides consultancy services to help students pursue overseas study in the US at university level. Studying in an international setting allows young people to become an independent thinker, as well as harnessing the state of the art facilities provided by world-renowned institutions in order to reach their fullest intellectual potential. Those who have attended university overseas can also improve their English markedly and begin to establish the kind of global network that future opportunities are based upon.


When helping to find the right university, Brighten first interviews potential students in order to understand the student’s goals, strengths and interests, and review their academic progress, extracurricular activities and general achievements. We then compile a tailored list of potential colleges that best match the student’s profile, while also considering university standards and scholarship opportunities. Following this step we develop strategies to help maximize admissions chances and scholarship opportunities. Through this process we aim not only to gain admission to the target college, but also encourage students to reflect on and develop their own qualities and potential.


Gaining a University Place

Education in the US can cost significantly more than that available in Hong Kong. For this reason, as well as countless others, it is vital to utilize the best guidance possible in order to make the right choice. Brighten supports students and their parents at every stage of the process, including choosing a college, applying, and examining scholarship opportunities. We also offer assistance for students who might wish to take a Foundation or Access course, or attend community college, as a stepping stone to reaching their future goals. Some of the topics and issues explored when preparing students for overseas study include:

  • Choosing the best course for future employability

  • Choosing the right university for academic excellence and quality of life

  • Devising a sound application strategy

  • Writing a winning admissions essay

  • Effective interview preparation

  • Attaining the grades needed for your course

  • SAT tutoring

  • Selecting a major

  • The main differences between Hong Kong and American academic cultures

  • Understanding university research

  • University essay-writing techniques

  • Exploring scholarship opportunities