Brighten Youth Education Centre



Study Tours

Brighten provides a select range of overseas study tours that take students from Hong Kong and to the UK and US. We aim to produce educational, recreational, social and cultural experiences filled with happy memories, where young people are able to foster friendships and global networks they will be able to carry into their future professional lives. Our caring and professional staff is recruited for their flair when working with young people, as well as their related professional qualifications. For us, welfare and pastoral care is always a priority.


Students on our study tours are able to engage in a wide range of excursions, lessons and social activities, so every moment of the day is structured and filled with an appropriate variation of stimulating activities where the emphasis is on fun as well as learning. Each day also includes a varied and popular range of evening entertainment. This helps us to create a truly memorable program for all involved.



UK School Integration Stays

Individuals from all age groups (primary and secondary) are welcomed as part of this opportunity to mix with students and immerse in a British school environment. The program allows students to attend an English school and “shadow” an English peer throughout the school day. We continue to expand the number of schools offered as a destination and boarding institutions are also being added. Currently students can choose to attend schools in London, Stafford, Salisbury, Exeter, Bournemouth and several other exciting destinations. We offer an integrated stay taken at any time during the British school academic year, with a minimum stay of two weeks and a maximum stay of seven weeks.


Students are matched with an English counterpart as soon as possible after arrival, helping them feel at home in their new environment. Students can also enjoy excursions at weekends and are given a certificate to add to their portfolio at the conclusion of the program. Places at private boarding schools are also offered, (although places are limited by age, gender and availability) allowing parents to select the environment that most closely resembles any prospective overseas school. This is a fantastic opportunity for anybody considering schooling in the UK or other international destinations.


UK University Integration Stays

We are delighted to offer this brand new tour to students of university age (19 years old and over) who wish to experience college life in Oxford. Famously one of the top universities in the world, this tour enables young people to experience student life in the “City of Dreaming Spires”. Students are paired with buddies as soon as possible upon arrival who are also studying at university there. During the stay students will also be housed with local families, in order to help them practise their English ability and integrate more fully with British life. Students on our tour take EFL courses of 15 hours per week at Oxford International Study Centre, as well as attending lectures in subjects of interest at the University of Oxford and Oxford Brooks University.


The EFL aspect of the program is given by qualified teachers and focuses on the four key skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, based on the IELTS exam. Depending on their interest, students can attend lectures at the University of Oxford or Oxford Brooks University in Literature, Art History, History, International Relations, Social and Natural Sciences. Students are also required to have an IELTS score of 5.5, or an equivalent level of English, in order to get the most out of the program. This program is ideal for students who wish to study higher education overseas and would like a flavour of the experience before committing to a program of study.


UK Summer Programs (Cranbrook and Wymondham)

One of the most popular services offered by Brighten is our summer program for students aged 8 to 16 and delivered in conjunction with our esteemed UK partner, Project International, a company with decades of experience that routinely serves students from 30 countries each year. Our team currently works with 12 different UK schools and this year we are delighted to offer our summer tour in July and August to either Cranbrook or Wymondham, both beautiful pastoral locations in England. Both programs are fully structures and include an exciting mix of excursions, lessons and activities.


Overseas study tours can have countless benefits. Not only are students encouraged to be independent, they experience new cultures and environments, accumulate happy memories that will last a lifetime, and develop invaluable communication skills in English. Students who have completed such programs can also add them to their academic portfolio, making them a more desirable candidate for future application processes for school or university. Brighten’s summer tours are ideal for young people who are engaged, aspirational, but who also love fun!


US Campus Visit Program

This program is ideal for students who want to experience campus life at some of the top US universities. Our exclusive and customised program incorporates visits to some of the world’s best universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkley, UCLA, USC, Columbia University, NYU, Boston University, Northeastern University and Wellesley College. The tour also includes excursions to some of America’s most beloved sites including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Boston Harbour, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. The program is all-inclusive and travels from West to East coast across the continental US.


Students are able to experience campus life and meet students in a fun and safe environment. Like our UK University Integration Stays, this program is ideal for students who wish to study higher education overseas and would like a flavour of the experience before committing to a program of study.