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Daily habits of organized people


All of you out there will soon be settling down to some pretty serious revision (assuming you haven't started already).

While we can't make you work any harder, we can make the whole process a little easier. This week we're looking at the habits of organized people, so you're not fighting yourself, and your desk, before you've even begun to battle your workload.

Organized people are not only great at prioritizing (doing what really needs to be done first, rather than what is easiest or what you want to do), they also have a single to-do list, often combined with a diary, and they stick to it.

Chasing scraps of paper across your desk or alternating between desk and phone-based diaries is no use. Alarms and reminders throughout the day are a good idea to make sure you stick to your plan.

Swedish brand Kikki K has some great stationary ideas if you struggle with organizing your workspace by yourself (

Keep the list realistic. There's no point adding far more than you know you could ever do each day because this will just leave you feeling demoralized.

In addition, you also shouldn't fill the list with minor tasks you know you are going to get done anyway.

Organized people also attack tasks as soon as they can be done. They respond to e-mails on the same day (concisely yet clearly, getting embroiled in an online dialogue leaches time for both parties), and do as many tasks at they can immediately.

Is there a book you need from the library? Fetch it now, while you're there, instead of wasting time on a special trip later.

They are also smart about the order in which they do things. The most important task (in your case revision) is the first thing done during the day. Don't waste your time by starting with things such as e-mails. This gives you a false sense of achievement when all you've really done is dealt with admin, most of which could wait until later.

Lastly, organized people stick to a routine each day, one that does not involve hitting the snooze button as soon as you wake up. Everything has a time slot to be done, and it is then that it gets done.

Another great tip is making sure your workspace is cleared at night, ready for work first thing in the morning. This means there is nothing near to you to act as a distraction, and you don't waste half the morning cleaning your workspace.

So there you have it, we've made it as easy and efficient as possible for you to get your revision done, the rest is up to you.


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