Brighten Youth Education Centre



Group of Two Test Prep Classes

Brighten’ s Group of Two IB, IGCSE, HKDSE, GCE, IELTS and SAT Test Prep Classes are unique, flexible, task orientated and affordable. A student can easily pair up with a friend to book our monthly 2 x 2 hours classes to revise up to 4 topics of each test prep subject with our tutors. Follow this simple procedure to book what you need:


本中心的「二人應試特訓班」涵蓋IB(國際文憑大學預科課程)、香港中學文憑試、 IGCSE(國際普通中學教育文憑試)、GCE(普通教育文憑試)、雅思 以及SAT考試。採用小班模式、教學靈活,課程內容按學生的需要度身訂造,針對學生的弱項加以操練,能有效提升成績。二人同行即可組班報名,以優惠價格自選多達4個課題精補,每月兩堂、每堂2小時。請透過下列簡單程序報名:


International Baccalaureate ($450 / hr / person)


HKDSE ($450 / hr / person)


I/GCSE ($400 / hr / person)


GCE ($450 / hr / person)


IELTS ($400 / hr / person)


SAT ($450 / hr / person)