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JC Finds His Passion

Today we are sharing the story of JC, a role model student from Brighten now studying at one of our local universities. As a child, JC was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Unlike other children, whose physical dexterity improves naturally, JC had difficulty adopting doing simple posture as a result of vestibular system defects. Some parents may see this as an ongoing pain but JC’s mom chose to take it as a calling and an opportunity for her to learn how to raise a special child.

The task for finding a suitable secondary school for his learning was daunting. Despite academically qualifying for a Band 1 school, JC attended an average Government school where he received no special needs support. It was hoped that he would learn to be independent, under no academic or peer pressure.

When JC was in Secondary 2, his family made a friend who had formerly lived and worked in Germany. JC’s fondness for trains led the family to envisage a future in which he might study abroad. A year later, they learned from a friend that Brighten provides German tutorial lessons, so they decided to let him try. Gradually, he extended his tutorials to cover other subjects, including science and Chinese, in order to help him prepare for the DSE exams. With the support of his tutors, JC was able to not only maintain his passion for his subjects, but also become more confident as a person. Much to our satisfaction, JC achieved 4 out of 6 subjects, scoring 5 or above and a total score of 30 in the DSE exams last year.

JC’s mom took this opportunity to reflect on the nature of the sacrifices she, and many parents, make for their children: “Every child is a unique individual. Children encounter different problems as they grow up. As parents, while we care for them we should not spoil them, but to encourage and help them develop their self-esteem and learn how to trust other people. We also need to know when let go so they grow up to become an independent individual. These nurturing principles are applicable to all children…I will never compare JC with other children. I just want to live a happy life with him and treasure every reward we receive from the efforts we paid.”

JC aspires to work for a train company and now, as he takes his first steps towards his dream career, his mother was keen to record her gratitude: “Over the years, I have been so grateful for the help he received from the family, friends and teachers. I am so glad that he has found his passion and goal, and is now moving step by step towards achieving it. JC is an adamant young man who has devoted much of his interest to trains. He spends most of his time studying about them and hoping to continue his study in Germany. As a mother, I just hope that he can live a happy life and that his interests can evolve as his career one day.”

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