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Cambridge ESOL Certificate Courses


Cambridge certificate courses are a globally recognised method for indicating linguistic ability for adults and young learners. Courses can be taken as an individual or in a group, and Brighten tutor’s specialise in guiding students through the whole course, as well as past paper drilling and exam strategy to help students boost their scores in the final test. We also hold regular mock tests in order to tract scores, help students acclimatise to exam conditions and build confidence, particularly for the spoken part of each exam.

The majority of the Cambridge certificate courses are divided into the four sections of Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening, although Brighten tutors also offer support for other related skills, including Use of English, specialised vocabulary and grammar for each test, and reading and writing activities created to precisely mimic test content.

Brighten offers expert tuition and study support for the following Cambridge ESOL Certificate Courses:


New Cambridge ESOL Courses

Certification of your English skills is a very important tool and the sooner your child begins to learn, the more success they can hope for in later life. Brighten’s expertise can help your child achieve their potential with recognition from one of the world’s foremost universities.


Young Learners English (YLE)

Divided into Starters, Movers and Flyers levels, Cambridge YLE courses are ideal for children aged 5 to 12. Students can learn English quickly, effectively and enjoyably whilst also building up a solid foundation for their future language studies. Cambridge Courses are also an excellent boost for young learners in their general schooling.


Key English Test (KET)

The Cambridge KET is perfect for those students who already possess basic English skills but who are hoping to develop their abilities. All Cambridge certificates are valid for life and recognised internationally in the world of education and work. It also allows students to discover their strengths and weaknesses for future language learning.


Preliminary English Test (PET)

The Cambridge PET test is aimed at students who can already use English at an Intermediate level and it well suited to learners aged 12 to 16. The test reflects highly practical language that is extremely relevant to everyday life. It is also an important building block in all international English language testing systems.


First Certificate in English (FCE)

The Cambridge FCE is designed for students who can already use English at an Upper-Intermediate level and is appropriate for students aged 16 and over. It is particularly relevant for those considering overseas study and work. Achieving the FCE demonstrates that an individual is comfortable with a highly self-disciplined and mature level of study. It is also the first of the Cambridge ESOL certificates for adults.


Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

The Cambridge CAE is aimed at students who are already comfortable using English effectively and confidently for study or work purposes. The CAE is an excellent tool for students wishing to undertake academic studies in an English medium or those planning to work overseas. It is also the next step towards achieving the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).

The Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (CPE)

The Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (CPE) is aimed at high achievers who are approaching a proficiency level of English Certificate. It is a high-level qualification that is officially recognized by universities (including Master programs) as it gives an in-depth analysis of the learner’s fluency level. Students who want to reach the peak of their English ability should consider this course.


Level Guidelines for Cambridge ESOL Certificate Courses:

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