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It dated back to 2015 when I first joined Brighten. I could still recall my first teacher, Ms Lo, a pharmacist who saved me from the struggle of studying chemistry. It was a subject which has almost made me giving up study, but the lessons from Ms Lo had reignited my passion in learning chemistry and that subsequently has built the cornerstone of my success in the HKDSE.

Since S.6, two more teachers, Mr Chan and Mr Fung had reached out to aid my studies in chemistry, biology and economics. Their professional teaching skills have inspired a non-scientific person like me to succeed in the public exams. Their lessons were always full of joy and fruitful. Here, I would like to express my gratitude to all of the teachers at Brighten who have given me the guidance like a lamp in the dark.


HKDSE graduate 2017


Adam is a really knowledgeable and supportive teacher. Being his student for more than 2 years, what I've learnt from him is beyond what I originally expected. In these 2 years, I have been through the IGCSE, IELTS and HKDSE exam. It seems tough to take care of these exams at the same time but it comes better when you have Adam to support and help. Although I did not take English Literature as an elective at school, I got A* in IGCSE Eng Lit exam. Despite of my own effort, it was Adam who provided me lots of practice and teaching materials so that I can proceed and succeed confidently. He is the kind of teacher who can arm you better and improve your weakness. My exam results are as follows:
HKDSE Eng - 5*
IGCSE Eng Lit - A*
IGCSE Eng Lang - A
IELTS - 7.5

Thank you Adam!


HKDSE graduate 2017