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Adam is a really knowledgeable and supportive teacher. Being his student for more than 2 years, what I've learnt from him is beyond what I originally expected. In these 2 years, I have been through the IGCSE, IELTS and HKDSE exam. It seems tough to take care of these exams at the same time but it comes better when you have Adam to support and help. Although I did not take English Literature as an elective at school, I got A* in IGCSE Eng Lit exam. Despite of my own effort, it was Adam who provided me lots of practice and teaching materials so that I can proceed and succeed confidently. He is the kind of teacher who can arm you better and improve your weakness. My exam results are as follows:
HKDSE Eng - 5*
IGCSE Eng Lit - A*
IGCSE Eng Lang - A
IELTS - 7.5

Thank you Adam!


HKDSE graduate 2017


Adam is a truly amazing English tutor. As his IB English student for 2 years, I am confident to say he is knowledgeable, patient and supportive. He has really motivated me to improve and do better than I believe I could. Adam goes above and beyond to make you understand. Despite my school teacher had chosen an uncommon novel to study (Snow Country), Adam was able to provide me comprehensive and detailed support. I felt comfortable asking him anything, as he always provides honest and critical feedback. I wouldn't have enjoyed or attained my current level in English if it wasn't for Adam's guidance!


IB graduate 2017


Brighten Youth Education Centre has provided me guidance for achieving my best in the IB exams. My best gain from them are their tutorial lessons which have catered directly to my needs. My teacher was also very professional in her field, allowing me to excel in my least confident subject in a short period of time. I assert that Brighten provides assistance to every student the right way.


IB graduate 2017



Although my Chemistry had been doing well, I still used a tutor to keep track of my studies and teach me more topics which have been very useful to enhance my understanding. Having taught by Nathan for three years, my interests in science have been further enriched. Although some topics are in fact outside the HKDSE syllabus, his teaching of these topics has been useful for me to understand chemical reactions and mechanisms completely. In the final stretch to the exams, I also had additional lessons with him on Physics and M2 so that helped me well prepared for the final battle for the DSE. I really appreciate him for his in-depth teaching and with this, I achieved Level 5* in Chemistry, 5 in Physics and 4 in M2.

As part of my plans to study in Germany, I have been learning German at Brighten with three tutors. All of them adopt a systematic approach in teaching vocabulary and grammar. Although I think it is a bit difficult, especially with the articles and ‘gender’ of nouns, they kept encouraging me to continue learning. It has been my pleasure to study with them.


HKDSE graduate 2017