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I would like express my most appreciation for you, Ms Li and Mr Warburton during these years   

Mrs Law, mother of primary 6 student

March 2017


Mr. Chan has been a very helpful and capable tutor throughout the time that I had his Biology and Chemistry lessons. Because of him, I understood more about more challenging topics in the IB HL Biology and Chemistry syllabi and was able to read ahead during holidays, which was especially helpful during times when I was very busy and had a lot of work. In addition, he also reviewed and helped me improve my IAs and Chemistry extended essay, which shows how hardworking he is. As a result, I managed to achieve high grades in both Biology and Chemistry HL to study medicine in UK, which I am very happy with.

GSIS IB graudate 2016

September 2016


我學校的中文成績很差,當中寫作和綜合卷更被老師評為"會拿2的作品"。我曾試過補外面大型補習社的導師,但可能我是一個中文根基不太好的學生,「填鴨式」和 「狂派筆記」的教學並不太適合我。


我從李老師身上學到的不僅是中文科應有的思考模式和温書策略,還有她對待每件事的熱誠和認真。最後,我在文憑試中考獲滿意的成績,當中寫作和綜合卷更拿到5*!拿到這個成績,李老師是功不可沒的!! 因此,我推薦她成為你們的中文導師。

Mr. Chan has been teaching me HKDSE Chemistry since August 2015. I remember asking him in my first lesson, "Will it be too late for me, a F.6 student, to have a new tutor?" And he answered, "If you are hard-working enough, it's never too late."

Throughout the lessons conducted in the 7 months before my HKDSE, Mr. Chan has thoroughly demonstrated his knowledge in Chemistry and professional skills in the aspect of teaching. Whenever I faced any difficulty related to the subject, he would teach me patiently. He would explain those abstract concepts by using diagrams and point forms, which are easier to understand. Not only did he give me useful materials for preparing the HKDSE, he also gave me mock questions referenced from IGCSE, IB and GCE A-levels along with detailed self-made notes. All of them are efficiently sorted by topics so I could engage in my revision more effectively.

There is a saying -- "The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. To me, Mr. Chan is one of the best teachers I have ever met. Therefore, I highly recommend him as your Chemistry tutor.

Tiffany Lau, HKDSE graduate

September 2016