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French Test Prep Tutorials

Whether it’s for fulfilling your foreign language qualification requirement or to further your study in France, Brighten’s one on one tutorials help you prepare the French language public examinations, including DELF, DALF, IGCSE, GCSE, HKDSE, IB and SAT with confidence.

Our native French tutor is so well-versed with most of these exam syllabi that he will custom-make both the teaching and exam preparation materials that suit your individual needs and also prepare the mock and past papers to help you surf the task with ease.




French Language Tutorials

Our language tutorials will help improve your daily French conversation and pronunciation skills. Some people may ask why learn French?

French appeals to people because it is a beautiful, melodious and romantic language with rich culture and history. As a major language of international communication, more than 300 million people around the world speak French. Here are some of the solid reasons for learning French:


French is easy to learn

Many people think that French is hard to learn. However, while around 45% of English vocabulary is of French origin, learning French can be easy. For instance, adventure, encore, incredible and extraordinaire – those are French words that you already know.


French helps you further study in Europe

In Hong Kong, many local and international school students learn French as a second or third language. Learning French will facilitate and your further study in Europe, and open up opportunities for higher education at some of the best universities and business schools in France.


French widens your career opportunities

The ability to speak French could lead to more career opportunities on local and international job market. In Hong Kong, more than 700 French companies spanning a wide range of industries including banking, retailing, financial services, luxury goods, aeronautics and cosmetics. Also, French is an official language of many international organizations, such as the United Nations, UNESCO, Olympics, NATO, the European Union and Red Cross.



French facilitates your travel around the world

You do not need to be a fluent French speaker to enjoy a holiday in Paris or other parts of France. However, the ability to speak even a little French will make your trip even more enjoyable. Moreover, learning French will not only help you travelling around France, but also other French-speaking countries, such as Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and West Africa.